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The Most Versatile Map and Level Editor!

Edimap supports all project architectures: 2D, 3D, or isometric!

It is fully customizable through class overloading. To learn more, join us on Discord!

Isometric Worlds

2D Worlds

Create your own palette, add randomness to your tiles. Integrate multiple levels of sprites.

3D Worlds

Create 3D environments quickly with our integrated tools and brushes. Create your own brushes.

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List of Features:

  • Full Editor Integration: Edimap seamlessly integrates with Unity’s editor, allowing you to create, modify, and customize your levels with ease.
  • Prefab Oriented: Edimap is designed around Prefabs, enabling you to use and reuse elements easily in your levels.
  • 2D and 3D Tiling: Create textured environments in 2D or 3D with tiling features.
  • Mesh and Collider Optimization: Edimap lets you optimize meshes and colliders for improved performance.
  • Palette Customization: Create your own texture palettes to bring life to your levels.
  • Shape Customization: You have the freedom to create your own scripts to customize shapes according to your needs.
  • Layer Management: Overlay objects on different layers for more efficient level management.
  • Depth Management: Control object depth both in 2D and 3D for realistic visual effects.
  • Customizable Hotkeys: Personalize keyboard shortcuts for smoother tool usage.
  • Optimized Selection Tool: Select and manipulate level elements easily with an optimized selection tool.
  • Initialization Scripts: Configure initialization scripts to perform actions when placing objects in your level.
  • Compatible with URP, HDRP, and Standard: Edimap is compatible with Unity’s URP (Universal Render Pipeline), HDRP (High Definition Render Pipeline), and Standard pipelines.